Bledlow Village Cricket Club
30 July 2006 | 3:45 pm
Bledlow Village Cricket Club

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Nice blur over the composition. Lovely photo!

Nancy on 31 Jul 2006

very good example of fake tilt shift. The subject is unusual and the effect is great anyway.

Tom on 31 Jul 2006

The blur is very effective, but looks a bit fake but very creative. I like it.

Karl Baumann on 03 Aug 2006

the effect makes me think of the Subbutteo cricket game i had as a kid! looks like a good day for a game.

david on 03 Aug 2006

The blue makes it feel like a little toy model ground! Maaan reminds me of the good ole fun times playing cricket...

Rahul on 03 Aug 2006

I love this. I saw an exposition of the guy who uses the tilt shift from the helicopter at Tate Modern in London a couple months ago. This is a very cool effect! I really love this!

Christian Wagner on 09 Aug 2006

sweet, I love the blur. the people to me look almost like miniatures on a toy set. Weird.

Ian on 09 Aug 2006

I LOVE the lens lilt, real or photoshopped? Awesome awesome. GREAT GREAT SHOT!!!

Azhar on 09 Aug 2006

It looks like toy men on a carpet inside a diarama box. Cool.

Myrtle Beach on 09 Aug 2006

I must say I'm not a great lover of this effect but in this shot you have won me over.....seems to work perfectly here. Very nice work. Phil

[t e r r o r k i t t e n] on 09 Aug 2006

Has a look of acricket game at a model village

Badger on 10 Aug 2006

Very cool.

Brian on 15 Aug 2006

Thats where i play cricket, looks nice mate, shame u didnt get the train in the pic!! hope u dont mind me taking it to put on are website??

James Shirley on 21 Aug 2007
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