1920s Bentley on Richmond Hill
12 October 2006 | 1:42 pm
1920s Bentley on Richmond Hill
I went up to Richmond Park again today to shoot some deer (not literally ;-). I wasn't really happy with any of the shots but on the way back to the office this old Bentley suddenly pulled up and parked in this picture perfect spot. I quickly took a series of photos and chose this one to turn into a sepia.

Here's a later photo of the view from this spot on Richmond Hill, which is known as the best view in London.

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Cool shot !

{-P-} on 13 Oct 2006

I like the melancholic "once-upon-a-time" look of the picture. You certainly captured the right vehicle for that :-) And fitting post-processing!
Maybe using slightly different perspective? It looks a bit as if the tree was driving...;-)

Thomas on 16 Oct 2006

Wonderful picture!

foto-rolero54 on 17 Apr 2010
EXIF data
Camera: N/A
Shutter speed: 0 sec
Aperture: N/A
Focal length: N/A

I bought my camera (Canon EOS 5D) and lens (Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS) on the official Canon Outlet on eBay.